Just Be You.

University of Oklahoma Surprse Engagement

Hey Babes

If you are looking for a photographer, chances are you want to capture a special moment in your life. Whether that is capturing a family get together, saying "yes" to your favorite someone, or saying "I did it" with a cap and gown in hand, you want to share your story. In it's own way, it's unique, no matter how many people are getting married, graduating, or engaged. This is your story, and you deserve to share it, starting with who you are.

My goal is to capture the story you want to share, no matter what it is. Let's go run around a mountain or city, chat at your favorite coffee shop, or celebrate your love and accomplishment in a way that means the most to you. I want to know what you're celebrating and find a way to share it so that is just as unique as you are. P.S.-There will be a lot of laughing, dad-jokes, and me tripping on air (aka a bunch of free entertainment).


Let’s Tell That Story

… and in return, create another one in the process. That may mean we dance in the rain, you and your lover cuddle in a coffee shop, you bake a cake and jump on your bed, ugly laugh at a bad dad-joke, or hike a mountain and you tell me about what you dream of, how you met, or why you're proud of who you are. Life is short, so why not take the time to tell your story?